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MY USB Drive Station is a division of De Malaysian Concept (KL) Sdn Bhd on supply and customized USB Flash Drive.

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OTG USB Drive 03

OTG USB Drive 03

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OTG USB Drive 02

OTG USB Drive 01

OTG USB Flash Drive is external usb disk for smart phone, Compatible with all the Android Smart Phone.

OTG USB Flash Drive is a creative smart and practical accessory.This OTG USB Flash Drive mix the ordinary USB Flash Drive, mobile external storage, data transfer and other functions together. If your smartphone, tablet PC, or other equipment which support OTG function, it will bring you more conveniences .

Product Features:

Plug and Play. When connect the OTG USB Flash Drive.

Then you can transfer Dates, Play music and video,File Exchange… No need install any software.

Work with Samsung Galaxy Note ,Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI,

Galaxy SII I9100,I9103,9108, Motorola XOOM , TG01,Nokia N8,E7…

And other Cell Phones and Table which support OTG Function.

Support extra MicroSD card

Also work as normal Flash Disk,use this device when connect to PC and Notebook.Works on all OS, including Mac, Windows and Linux.

How to use:

1,OTG USB Flash Drive connect to the phone, until your phone appear USB connected, indicating that smartphones and OTG USB Flash Drive have connected.

2,after Connection, open the smartphone file manager, you will find the the usbStorage folder appeared inside sda folder, this file is the OTG USB Flash Drive (if smartphone U disk inserted Micro SD card, then usbStorage file The folder will show sda sdb two files folder).

3,You can directly open the sda and sdb file folder inside the pictures, music,video and other formats. You can also, if you need to copy anything to the smartphone (file management method decided by each device).